Sunday, November 29, 2009

(finally) Started the bike build...
I know... I know... it's a "work in progress".
Waiting on the wheels to be built.

Currently the build is:
Pug' frame and fork. (18")
Syncros FL headset
Ritchey SC stem (tempory until our shipment of Salsa ProMoto Ti stems arrive)
Salsa ProMoto bar 11 degree
Salsa bar ends (last of my stash) I LOVE the bend of these. I've had various pairs of them on my touring bike(s) since the early 90's.
Sram X0 twisters and rear deraileur
SLX front deraileur
Fifteen G cranks
Crank Brothers Mallet pedals
Hayes Stroker Trail brakes
Ergon grips on the bars, Oury grips on the bar ends. (lame looking I know but nice in the desert)
not yet fitted...
SDG Grand Prix saddle
Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost (a loaner... if I like it... I'll get one for myself)

Large Marge rims
DT Swiss Competition spokes
ProLock nipples
Endomorph tyres
Stan's filled Surly tubes (not actually "filled"... but you get the idea) Tubeless would be nice... but info on sucessfull conversions seems to be scarce...
Chub 135mm SS disc hub on the front
Dice HooDoo 135mm 9spd hub on the back (temporary until the Chub geared hubs are available)

Hopefully finished the build (as is) next week. (all depends on Wheelcraft... they're hammered with wheel builds at the moment)


Friday, November 20, 2009

wow... easily one of the most stressfull two weeks I've gone through. 100 pages of DW 2010 catalogue in 12 days.

result... no riding at all.

Time to make it up.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

well... my (ex) Mojo is in its new owners arms tonight.

And I'm up to my eyeballs in 2010 catalogue deadline. *sigh* It's amazing how much writing about bikes can make you want to ride one more than anything in the entire world...

But... not a lot of riding going to happen for the next week and a half.

Oh well. I'll get the new Pugsley built next week and go from there.