Friday, June 12, 2009

Good lordy that was COLD...

Rode in (again) today. The Fargo is a great bike. And I'm (gradually) getting used to the silly backward shifting that Shimano have used for the Alfine internally geared hub...

But the cold... I seriously considered pulling over on the way in and putting an extra sock onto my right foot. I just kept telling myself: "there's a warm shower at work - there's a warm shower at work".

My legs are feeling better though. By "better"... I mean that they don't hurt for the rest of the day if I ride in. Which must be a good thing... right?

Would love to get a decent off-road ride in this weekend. And I'm itching to try the new tyres that are sitting on my desk.

They just might be the best soft sand desert tyres made. (they may not too)

We'll see.

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