Monday, April 6, 2009

*sigh* not a lot of "training" been happening at this end. So little in fact that the BMC100 is a bust.

Not what I was hoping for. I need to get my shit sorted and get back into the game or September this year will hurt as much as last year.

Feeling very disheartened.


-------- said...

Sometimes these things just don't pan out as planned but in return it gives us time to step back and plan the next section... for you it sounds like that would be for September.

Today you maybe disheartened but in the long run you will see it only made you more determined to finshed the Simpson Challenge.

Hope your days pick up. Enjoy the ride. :)

Matt said...

Just get out there and ride the BMC100 anyway. It'll take all day and hurt, but it is a good hurt.

Words to live by: ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike.

Elvis said...

thanks for the positive vibes guys.

Need to get some of the crap at work behind me and then get back into enjoying the riding again.

Thanks again.