Monday, January 12, 2009

what bike for 2009?

time to start planning for 2009... don't get me wrong... the Mojo rocked in the 2008 SDBC. (and had the rider had some fitness the result might have been a little better)

But I'm looking at things logically this time. The larger tyre of a 29er gives a larger (longer) contact patch. Combined with say... a 2.4" wide tyre and the end result should be a sand eating machine.

Plus... the SDBC is really a long "fireroad" trail. (with lots of dunes and sand) So "snappy cornering" and the like don't really matter out there.

In fact... I'm thinking that the bigger 29er wheels might be just the thing for the event...

The Salsa Big Mama is up for consideration. 4" (100mm) of travel. Cool colour (though it may just dissapear into the orane/red sands of the desert). Oh and it's made of Scandium.

Still... the Mojo was soooooo nice in 2008...

What to do...??


GenghisKhan said...

Feel free to send that obsolete Mojo stateside... ;o) I figure you get the new bike, ride it a bit and then--if you have to--decide which one to keep. Otherwise, find any reason to justify keeping them both! ;o)
Ride One or Ride None!

Elvis said...

I'd like to keep both. But the quiver is getting way too crowded.

Salsa Casserol (being sold to get the Fargo)
Salsa El Mariachi LE (singlespeed)
Salsa Fargo (on order)
Mantis Pro Floater 91'
Mantis Pro Floater 95'
Fisher CR7
Surly Long Haul Trucker (also being sold to get the Fargo)
Ibis Mojo SL...

then... there are the wifes bikes...


GenghisKhan said...

Elvis--that's quite the full quiver. I've got geared road and mountain bikes and a single speed mountain bike and can't think of what I'd add. Though, if I took ten minutes, I probably could.

By way of clarification, you wrote "then... there are the wifes [sic] bikes...". Did you mean "wife's bikes" or "wives bikes"? Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with the latter, me being in Utah and all... ;o)
Ride One or Ride None!