Friday, October 17, 2008


Well... we're back. I didn't die. And it was the greatest experiance of my life.

We have thousands of pics (really) and will pick some of the best and put them up over the next few weeks. For now... here are the most important ones to me.

Finally finishing a stage and crossing the line at Birdsville. (the final stage)

I never would have made that stage had it not been for 4 other riders. They just refused to leave me behind. A huge thank you to Vance, William, Heinz and most of all to Kane.

the support convoy on the endless dunes... early morning shot...

An arty' pic of the bike on a dune (again) on day 3

Sandstorm... day 4

the final finishers at the Birdsville pub. from left, back row: Roman, Warren, Lynton, William (yellow jersey), Kane, Wayne, Vance. Then Freddy in the green jersey and Swiss Heinz in the red Swiss jersey.

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