Friday, October 17, 2008

Some more pics.

Myself after riding 40klms in a sandstorm.

The Ibis on a dune (Day 2). At this point I'd like to point out that the bike performed flawlessly. Thanks to the guys at Ibis for designing such a great frame. Everyone else was riding short travel XC style bikes and there I was on the 5.5" travel Mojo.

Going with the large bag 2.5" Syncros tyres was a great decision, I was able to ride sandy sections that the other fitter, stronger (lighter) riders were walking. Technique and bike set-up were very important. (a serious extra dose of fitness might have helped me though). As was the DT Swiss carbon rear shock and the Manitou Minute MRD forks.

The Sram XO gripshift worked perfectly for the entire event as did the last minute choice of Crank Brothers Mallet pedals.

My exceptional support crew (my wonderfull wife) and I at the Birdsville pub after the final stage. the first one is straight after finishing the complete final stage.

the second one is a little later after I'd recovered a little.

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qultopianqueen said...

Hi Babe- It's your sup[port crew here, just wanted t put it on record that I love you very much and I am so proud of you for excelling at what you thought you could not!Let's do it again!
-Luv Wifey