Friday, October 17, 2008

Some more pics.

Myself after riding 40klms in a sandstorm.

The Ibis on a dune (Day 2). At this point I'd like to point out that the bike performed flawlessly. Thanks to the guys at Ibis for designing such a great frame. Everyone else was riding short travel XC style bikes and there I was on the 5.5" travel Mojo.

Going with the large bag 2.5" Syncros tyres was a great decision, I was able to ride sandy sections that the other fitter, stronger (lighter) riders were walking. Technique and bike set-up were very important. (a serious extra dose of fitness might have helped me though). As was the DT Swiss carbon rear shock and the Manitou Minute MRD forks.

The Sram XO gripshift worked perfectly for the entire event as did the last minute choice of Crank Brothers Mallet pedals.

My exceptional support crew (my wonderfull wife) and I at the Birdsville pub after the final stage. the first one is straight after finishing the complete final stage.

the second one is a little later after I'd recovered a little.


Well... we're back. I didn't die. And it was the greatest experiance of my life.

We have thousands of pics (really) and will pick some of the best and put them up over the next few weeks. For now... here are the most important ones to me.

Finally finishing a stage and crossing the line at Birdsville. (the final stage)

I never would have made that stage had it not been for 4 other riders. They just refused to leave me behind. A huge thank you to Vance, William, Heinz and most of all to Kane.

the support convoy on the endless dunes... early morning shot...

An arty' pic of the bike on a dune (again) on day 3

Sandstorm... day 4

the final finishers at the Birdsville pub. from left, back row: Roman, Warren, Lynton, William (yellow jersey), Kane, Wayne, Vance. Then Freddy in the green jersey and Swiss Heinz in the red Swiss jersey.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

we're off!

and we're just about to head off into the Desert.

Before though... a haircut.
One that my wife has been looking forward to performing on me for about 8 years.

Friday, August 29, 2008

my bike is back!!

My new bike, a Ibis Mojo SL, has been "absent" for the last few weeks. Off being reviewed by Mountain Biking Australia magazine for the next issue.

Now that I finally have it back... it's been in the workshop downstairs being prepped for the Simpson Desert trip.

The (heavily) customised build is as follows:
Frame - Ibis Mojo SL (naked carbon)
Rear shock - DT Swiss XR Carbon
Fork - Manitou Minute MRD
Brakes - Hayes Stroker carbon (w/6" rotors)
Stem - Syncros FLS
Bars - Salsa Pro Moto 11degree flat bars (cut down a smidge')
Seatpost - Syncros AM
Saddle - SDG Grand Prix
Wheels: I have two pairs each pair set up for different conditions. Both hand built by Wheelcraft.
Sandy days wheels:. DT Swiss hubs, Stan's Arch rims, Supercomp spokes w/ProLock nipples. and Syncros Point n Chute 2.5" tyres (for sand floatation).
Fireroad days: DT Swiss 240s hubs, DT Swiss 4.2d rims, Aerolite spokes w/ProLock nipples and Ritchey Speedmax Beta 2.2".
Both wheelsets are running Stan's No Tubes sealant.
Pedals - Crank Brothers Acid2
Drivetrain - Sram XO w/twist shifters.

Guess I'd better take it out for a ride this weekend...


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ingar trail training (walking)

A few weeks ago I did the Ingar firetrail... the wrong way. Living at Woodford meant that I just rode down to Bedford creek and then UP the Ingar trail.

I feel sorry for my riding buddy that day, Pat, as he learned new levels of paitence and finely honed his trackstanding ability as I walked the steeper bits.

Still... having never been on the Ingar trail before, the sections around Bedford creek are amazing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

so there I was wearing my pants on my head...

last night I got my wife to help me destroy a pair of (very) old cycling knicks (lycra shorts).

With some creative cutting and unstitching one leg was converted into a balaclava/face mask.

Tested it this morning. Worked a treat in the cold.

new commute record!

well for me at least.

67.32 klms. In 2 hours - 34 mins and 20 seconds. (previous best was 2-34-38... so I beat it by 18 seconds)

Damn cold this morning too. 0 degrees celcius at Woodford when I left home at 4am. Add some serious windchill on the 50-70klm+ decents and we're getting COLD.

The Long Haul Trucker is a beast of a bike for the commute though. Only thing missing (in my opinion) is disc brakes, (you hear me Gnat?)

Track to the Simpson

This blog has been started to document my attempt to participate in the 2008 Simpson Desert Cycle Classic.

Why ride across a desert on a mountain bike when there are perfectly good (not to mention air conditioned) 4wds available?

I can't answer that except to say that ever since I heard of it in 1988, it's been in my mind as a constant reminder of "things" left unfinished.

The map below shows you (roughly) where the event takes place.
In February this year... I made the decision to sign up. Pay my entry and get into what I call "relaxed training".